Monday, 24 December 2007



Positive Degree : Adjectives without comparison
e.g., good, long, short, heavy, clever, intelligent, beautiful etc.

Comparative Degree : Adjectives used to compare two persons / things.
better, longer, shorter, heavier, cleverer, more intelligent, more beautiful

Superlative Degree : Adjectives used to state the best of all other persons or things compared.
e.g.,best, longest, shortest, heaviest, cleverest, most intelligent, most beautiful

e.g., Jagannath is a fat man.
(No other man is as fat as Jagannath.)
Surendra is fatter than Raju.
Siddesh is the fattest of all others.

This is a difficult problem.
(No other problem is as difficult as this.)
This is more difficult than all other problems.
This is the most difficult of all the problems.

Smitha is a beautiful lady.
Sushmitha is more beautiful than Smitha.
Geethanjali is the most beautiful of all the three young ladies.

Iron is a useful metal. ( No other metal is as useful as iron.)
Iron is more useful than any other metal.
Iron is the most useful metal.(of all the metals)

A man with a gun is stronger than a man without a gun.
A man without a weapon is not as strong as a man with a gun.

Rahul Dravid is the finest batsman at the moment.
No other batsman at the moment is as fine as Rahul Dravid.

Vikram Sarabhai was one of the greatest scientists.
Very few scientists were as great as Vikram Sarabhai.

Chandrashekar was one of the greatest leg-break bowlers in the world.
Very few leg-break bowlers in the world were as great as Chandrashekar.

Vivekananda was greater than most of saints in the world.
No other saint in the world was as great as Vivekananda.

Vivekananda was more learned than all our professors put together.
Vivekananda was the most learned of al our professors put together.

Daksha was the wisest lady.

No other lady was as wise as Daksha.

India is the biggest country in Asia.
No other country in Asia is as big as India.

Silver is cheaper than gold. Gold is not as cheap as silver.
Milk is not as sweet as honey. Honey is sweeter than milk.

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