Friday, 11 January 2008

Short Message (Messaging) Service

Short Message (Messaging) Service

@ --------at
ADN --------any day now
AFAIK --------as far as I know
ATB --------all the best
B --------be
BBL --------be back late(r)
BCNU --------be seeing you
BFN --------bye for now
B4 --------before
BRB --------be right back
BTW --------by the way
BWD --------backwardz
C --------see
CU --------see you
CUL8R --------see you later
F2F --------face to face
F2T --------free to talk
FWD --------forward
FWIW --------for what it’s worth
FYI --------for your information
GAL --------get a life
GR8 --------great
HAND --------have a nice day
H8 --------hate
HTH --------hope this helps
IC I --------see
ILUVU --------I love you
IMHO --------in my humble opinion
IMO --------in my opinion
IOW --------in other words
JIC --------just in case
JK --------just kidding
KIT --------keep in touch
KWIM --------know what I mean?
L8 --------late
L8R --------later
LOL --------lots of luck /laughing out loud
MOB --------mobile
MSG --------message
MYOB --------mind your own business
NE --------any
NE1 --------anyone
NO1 --------no one
OIC --------oh, I see
OTOH --------on the other hand
PCM --------please call me
PLS --------please
PPL --------people
R --------are
RU --------are you
RUOK --------are you okay?
SIT --------stay in touch
SOM1 --------someone
SPK --------speak
THKQ --------thank you
TTYL --------talk to you later
TX --------thanks
U --------you
UR --------you are
WAN2 --------want to
WAN2TLK --------want to talk?
WERV U BIN --------where have you been?
W/ --------with
WKND --------weekend
WOT --------what
WU --------what’s up?
X --------kiss
XLNT --------excellent
XOXOX --------hug and kisses
YR --------your

1 --------one
2 --------to, too, two
2DAY --------today
2MORO --------tomorrow
2NITE --------tonight
3SUM --------threesum
4 --------for


:-) --------I’m happy ( a smily)
:~( --------I am unhappy
:-X --------my lips are sealed
:-Q --------I don’t understand
;-) --------I’m winking
X= --------Fingers crossed
:-P --------I’m sticking my tongue out
:-D --------I’m laughing
:-( --------I’m crying
:-/ --------I’m sceptical
:-o --------I’m surprised


Unknown said...

dear bedre manjunath,
its our immense pleasure to see this site.
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thanks for bedre site

Unknown said...

dear bedre,
good luck
dr.basavaraj n.s.

SUSRI said...

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