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Plain English - The Simplest English

Learning Plain English Teaching and learning English is a ‘Million Dollar Industry’ today. Whatever we learn at the so called elite institutions of English Language Teaching (ELT) becomes stale and archaic. Many times we fail to use appropriate words to suit the occasion. Roundabout way of speaking, use of complex and compound sentences become obstacles in understanding the speech or writing. We can use simple and plain language to avoid such cumbersome sentences. The Plain Language Commission and the Plain Language Network, the Plain Language Association International (1993) are advocating the use of simple language. Their members include professionals who plan, write, design, and create communications projects to better serve the needs of the public, clients, customers, professionals, students and teachers. They work for all kinds of organizations — government departments, financial services companies, registered social organizations, regulators, ombudsmen, local authorities, pensio

Language Laboratory for learning Spoken and Written English

Language Laboratory for learning Spoken and Written English Language Labs have come back! From LKG, UKG classes to PG classes all the schools, colleges, universities, professional training institutes, soft skill training academies should have Language Labs. Multipurpose Language Labs are being established in many residential schools and colleges. All you have to do is to tune in your Radio, TV, or Tape Recorder to make an ‘Audio Lab’. Audio - Visual Aids like VCD, DVD, MP3 Players, Projectors help you to establish an ‘Audio-Visual Lab’. A Multi-Media Computer with recording facilities makes a ‘Computer Language Lab’. Mobile Phones, I-Pods, Laptops, Palmtops, PDAs serve as Labs. Spoken and Written English, Language (SOFT) Skills, Parts of Speech, Vocabulary, Tense, Voice, Speech, Dialogues, Composition exercises can be learnt without much efforts at the Language Lab. You can have your own Laptop Multipurpose Multimedia Mobile Language Lab, if you spare a part of your income. Now, visi