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OEDS coverEnglish Worksheets and Activities

Our English worksheets and activities accompany the Oxford English Dictionary for Schools.  The Oxford English Dictionary for Schools is a unique KS3 dictionary covering all secondary curriculum words and example sentences from the best children's books included in the dictionary entries.
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Activity 1 - What is in your dictionary?

Activity 2 - Headword Hunt
Activity 3 - Guide words
Activity 4 -  Pronunciation
Activity 5 - Word classes
Activity 6 - Finding the definition
Activity 7 - More than one meaning
Activity 8 - Same spelling
Activity 9 - Register
Activity 10 - Subject labels
Activity 11 - How to use this word
Activity 12 - New words
Activity 13 - Word origins
Activity 14 - Latin words in English
Activity 15 - Latin words in French
Activity 16 - Greek and Latin word race
Actvity 17 - Early English
Activity 18 - Old English
Activity 19 - Norman Conquest
Activity 20 - French words in English
Activity 21 - Words from Europe
Activity 22 - Words from all over the world
Activity 23 - American English
Activity 24 - Australian English
Activity 25 - Digging out the roots
Activity 26 - Compound words
Activity 27 - Word families
Activity 28 - Blending words
Activity 29 - Clipping
Activity 30 - Prefixes
Activity 31 - More prefixes
Activity 32 - Suffixes
Activity 33 - Abbreviations and acronyms
Activity 34 - Who's Who?
Activity 35 - Synonyms
Activity 36 - Antonyms
Activity 37 - Odd one out
Activity 38 - Unusual words
Activity 39 - Language of horror
Activity 40 - Colours
Activity 41 - Collective nouns
Activity 42 - Describing stories
Activity 43 - Creating characters
Activity 44 - Overused words
Activity 45 - Language of legends
Activity 46 - Literature and poetry
Activity 47 - Dramatic language
Activity 48 - Computing vocabulary
Activity 49 - Homophones
Activity 50 - More homophones
Activity 51 - Confusables
Activity 52 - Spelling
Answers 2
Answers 3
Answers 4
Answers 5
Answers 6
Answers 7

For learners of English

Oxford’s dictionaries for learners of English give the help and support you need to expand vocabulary and use words correctly.  We explain words using language learners understand, with illustrations for difficult words, and help with grammar and pronunciation.  Most of our dictionaries are available with a dictionary CD-ROM.

Oxford Learner's Dictionary Selector

 Use the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary Selector to choose the right monolingual dictionary.
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Oxford Learner’s Bilingual Dictionaries

Oxford Learner’s Bilingual Dictionaries help speakers of other languages learn English.  Find your language and choose the right bilingual dictionary.


Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary NEW 8th Edition

The world’s best-selling advanced learner's dictionary - over 35 million copies sold.OALD 8 cover
    • Improve writing skills with the Oxford iWriter 
    • Learn and practise topic vocabulary for exams
    • Expand vocabulary to 7,500+ words


Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 8th Edition ONLINE

Look up words and hear them pronounced in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 8th edition online.


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Puzzles and games

For all fans of crosswords and similar word games, with two quick and handy ways to help solve some of those trickier clues. Both the solvers search the whole dictionary to suggest the answers you’re puzzling over.

Question mark imageOr why not test your knowledge of words with the Oxford Word Challenge? Complete the names of the Awful Authors, identify the Contronyms, try and solve the Rebuses, and much more... With games ranging from easy to fiendishly difficult, we're sure you'll find something to exercise your grey matter.
HangmanAnd test your vocabulary with an old favourite, hangman. If you can guess the word before the drawing is finished - you win!
Play hangman now

Anagram solver

Find anagrams for any word up to 20 characters. Just type the letters into the box below and then click on find anagrams.

Crossword solver

Select the number of letters from the drop-down menu then enter the letters you already know into the empty boxes, leaving the others blank. Then click on find words.

Anagram solver

Crossword solver


World of words

Oxford Dictionaries

All about the brand-new Oxford Dictionaries site. 
Oxford Dictionaries Online

Better writing


Get practical guidance and useful tips on a wide range of grammar issues.


Create a good impression in your writing and make sure you get your meaning across clearly with correct spelling..


Practical guidance on how to use commas, semicolons, and other types of punctuation correctly.

Practical writing

Advice on topics from writing an effective CV to writing a letter of complaint.

Improve your English

Lots of advice on good writing, helping you to avoid making some of the most common mistakes of usage.


Consult our quick-reference guide to abbreviations.
 Prefer to use the web version instead?

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From oranges to ortaniques

Whether you are interested in the origin of words, or how they are used by famous authors, it has never been easier to access the information you need to explore the intriguing stories behind any word which takes your fancy.

Learn how to uncover the fascinating stories behind everyday words


Guess which game is now on Oxford Dictionaries Online ...

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While away rainy lunchtimes with an old favourite, hangman. If you can guess the word before the drawing is finished - you win!

Play hangman now

Play Oxford's Word Challenge for the chance to win a Kindle

Test your word skills against the clock in our brand new, fast-paced game.  See how many words you can conjure up relating to six different categories, from Business to Food and Drink. But watch out! The clock is always ticking away ...
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Recent highlights from Oxford

  How to Read a Word   Lend Me Your Ears   Virtual Words
How to Read a Word
Lend Me Your Ears
Virtual Words
Elizabeth Knowles shows us how we might delve into the origins, associations, and evolution of words in this 'how to' guide for budding word detectives.
A mouth-watering collection of quotations from the world of politics, bringing together both words of wisdom and things that might have been better left unsaid.
Jonathon Keats investigates the interplay between words and ideas in our fast-paced, tech-driven society, examining how words such as 'qubit' and 'cybrid' get coined and why some succeed while others fail.
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