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A word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other.

1. Busy ___X___ lazy, inactive
2. Dark ___X___ light, bright
3. Brave ___X___ fearful, coward
4. Open ___X___ closed, hidden
5. Show ___X___ hide, conceal
6. Useful ___X___ useless, waste
7. Bold _____X___ shy, timid
8. Expand ___X___ contract, precise
9. Friend ___X___ enemy, foe


im + proper = improper
in + ability = inability
mis + judge = misjudge
mis + understand = misunderstand
ir + regular = irregular
un + important = unimportant
dis + belief = disbelief
dis + appear = disappear etc.


agree _____X___ disagree
comfort _____X___ discomfort
continue _____X___ discontinue
encourage _____X___ discourage
allow _____X___ disallow
loyal _____X___ disloyal
obey _____X___ disobey
connect _____X___ disconnect
honest _____X___ dishonest
like _____X___ dislike

mature _____X___ immature
partial _____X___ impartial
patient _____X___ impatient
probable _____X___ improbable
mortal _____X___ immortal
moral _____X___ immoral
pure _____X___ impure

accurate _____X___ inaccurate
adequate _____X___ inadequate
visible _____X___ invisible
complete _____X___ incomplete
gratitude _____X___ ingratitude
efficient _____X___ inefficient
discipline _____X___ indiscipline
valid _____X___ invalid
direct _____X___ indirect
credible _____X___ incredible

luck _____X___ illuck
logical _____X___ illogical
legible _____X___ illegible
legal _____X___ illegal
literate _____X___ illiterate

co-operation _____X___ non co-operation
vegetarian _____X___ non-vegetarian
violence _____X___ non-violence

regular _____X___ irregular
responsible _____X___ irresponsible
relevant _____X___ irrelevant

fortune _____X___ misfortune
manage _____X___ mismanage
interpret _____X___ misinterpret

able _____X___ unable
just _____X___ unjust
happy _____X___ unhappy
grateful _____X___ ungrateful
necessary _____X___ unnecessary
pleasant _____X___ unpleasant
popular _____X___ unpopular
natural _____X___ unnatural
educated _____X___ uneducated
equal _____X___ unequal
fortunate _____X___ unfortunate
healthy _____X___ unhealthy
kind _____X___ unkind
usual _____X___ unusual
safe _____X___ unsafe
wholesome _____X___ unwholesome
official _____X___ unofficial
conscious _____X___ unconscious
civilized _____X___ uncivilized
even _____X___ uneven
done _____X___ undone
fair _____X___ unfair


strong _____X___ weak
proud _____X___ humble
ancient _____X___ modern
noble _____X___ ignoble
hard _____X___ soft
rough _____X___ smooth / soft
internal _____X___ external
long _____X___ short
fertile _____X___ barren
forget _____X___ remember
brave / ly _____X___ coward / ly
artificial _____X___ natural
always _____X___ seldom / never
heavy _____X___ light
increase _____X___ decrease
reward _____X___ punishment
construction _____X___ destruction
permanent _____X___ temporary
exuberant _____X___ sparse
sorrow _____X___ joy
portable _____X___ fixed
expand _____X___ contract
high _____X___ low
clockwise _____X___ anticlockwise


We can form the opposite of the word ‘respect’ by adding the prefix:
A. un~ ____B. mis~ ____C. ir~ ____D. dis~

Owls are active at night. The opposite of ‘active’ :

A. cold ____B. passive ____C. inactive ____D. lazy

Bullock carts are ancient means of transportation.

What is the opposite word for ‘ancient’.
A. ultra modern ____B. modern ____C. fancy ____D. dizzy


We should always walk on the pavement and never in the middle of the road.

It looks like a natural flower, but it is an artificial one.

Our headmaster approved the proposal of setting up a science club but disapproved starting a recreation club.

It is possible to count the number of people in a place, but impossible to count the number of stars in the sky.

Now-a-days we find TV in almost every house. But having a T.V. has both advantages and disadvantages.

Every problem whether it is major or minor has a solution.

Violence which is in existence everywhere these days is almost non existent in Soligas community.

Be polite. Nobody likes you if you are impolite.

Urban life is not as happy as rural life.

The question papers is not difficult, but easy.

Is he still alive? I think, he is dead.

Remember the good; forget the bad.

The plastic is light but the steel is heavy.

I am neither superior nor inferior to you.

The birth rate is increasing and the death rate decreasing.

John is strong, but his brother is weak.

All are equal. None is high and none is low.

Due to over cropping fertile lands have become barren.

War is not a pleasant subject, it is an unpleasant one.

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