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A person who loves money and hates spending it, is a
A. spendthrift ______B. miser ______C. philanthropist ______D. capitalist.

The family was known for its wealth and greatness of heart.
The word that can be used in the place of the underlined phrase is:
A. generosity ______B. courage ______C. affluence ______D. prestige

One word for ‘a person who has been appointed or selected to attend a conference’ is:
A. ambassador ______B. delegate ______C. representative ____D. messenger

A person who is slow in learning is termed as:
A. dullard ______B. bad ______C. lazy ______D. dunce.

A book with blank pages on which pictures or paper cuttings are stuck is known as a:
A. plain book ______B. paint book ______C. drawing book ______D. scrap book.


A silly person _____________Goose
A person who lives a wandering life ________ Vagabond
Social position or rank _____________________Status
Someone who knows a lot about the subject ___Scholar
Deeply religious ____________________________Pious
A building in which monks live ______________Monastery
An instrument used to see distant objects ___Telescope
A person who is slow to learn _______________Dunce
The path in which planets move ______________Orbit
A permit from an authority to own, use or do something ___Licence
A person who has been appointed or selected
to attend or speak at a conference ____Delegate
One who does the scientific study of the sun, the moon, etc. _ Astronomer
The study or practice of travelling through the air __Aeronautics
A person trained to travel in a spacecraft ____Astronaut
Say a prayer in singing voice ________________Chant
Visit a place often __________________________Haunt
Final release from rebirth ___________________Deliverance
A person who loves money and hates spending it __ Miser
An ugly woman _______________________________ Hag
An animal that is cruel and dangerous ________Beast
Skillful in inventing ________________________Ingenious
Say publickly that something important is true ___Proclaim
To be disloyal to someone who trusts you _____Betray
Situation in which everything is happening in a confused way ___Chaotic
A drink usually made from a mixture of one ormore alcoholic drinks __ Cocktail
A loose piece of clothing without sleeves _______ Mantle
A painting, drawing or photograph of a person
especially of the head and shoulders ______Portrait
to make someone angry ___________________________Grieve
Height above sea level __________________________Altitude
To shift people from a place of danger to a safer place ____ Evacuate
To cause to feel no pain ______________________ Numb
Men who work on shores loading unloading ships ___Longshoremen
Name shared by all the members of a family _______Surname
One who is very eager for knowledge and reads a lot____Voracious
That which cannot be satisfied __________________ Insatiable
A flightless bird now extinct ____________________Dodo
Storehouse for grains ____________________________Granary
Animals that live in a particular region ________ Fauna
A place in a house where food is kept ____________Storeroom
A person who belongs to another country _________ Foreigner
Study of ancient monuments and arts ______________Archeology
Science which deals with the study of living beings____Biology
Science of earth’s crust and the interior strata ______Geology
The art of understanding the influence of heavenly bodies __Astrology
To seek protection from danger __________________ Refuge
One who presides over the function _______________President
A man servant who serves at the table_____________Waiter
Waste material __________________________________ Garbage
One who makes furniture __________________________Carpenter
One who treats patients _________________________ Doctor
One who can read and write _______________________Literate
A place where prisoners are kept _________________Jail / Gaol
One who does farming _____________________________Farmer
A poem of fourteen (14) lines ____________________Sonnet
A book where you find meanings for words__________Dictionary
A document with a code of laws which checks both ruler and ruled ___ Constitution
A period of one hundred years (100 years) ________Century
A light pleasure boat ____________________________Yacht
Short stories with an element of moral ___________Fable
Red or yellow burning gas seen when something is on _____Flame
A person who writes novels ________________________Novelist
A document allowing persons to travel abroad ______Passport
One who looks only at the darker side of life _____Pessimist
One who looks at the brighter side of life _______ Optimist
A place where horses are kept _____________________Stable
A type of small dog with a turned up nose ________ Pug
Remains of prehistoric animal or plant preserved by
being buried in earth ______________________________Fossils
A place where meals are sold and eaten _____________Restaurant
Things given or received as gift____________________Present
A man who does not know how to read and write ______Illiterate
A large number of people or animals suffering from
the same kind of disease at the sametime _______Epidemic
One who travels in a space vehicle _________________Astronaut
A book giving inforamtion on all branches of knowledge ____ Encyclopaedia
Liquid waste that flows out from a factory__________Effluents
A living creature that is so small that it cannot be
seen without a microscope and that may cause diseases ___Microbe
Part of the earth where life is found ______________Biosphere
Government of the people, by the people and for the people ___Democracy
The act of killing oneself __________________Suicide
Soldiers who fight on horse back_____________Cavalry
Soldiers who fight on foot __________________Infantry
Strong rush of air, rain, smoke etc. carried by wind___Gust
A person who uses his strength or power to frighten or hurt others ____Bully
A part of a horse’s harness that goes on to its head _____Briddle
A wild or half trained horse or bull ___________Bronco
A sudden rush of frightened animals _____________Stampede
Space or room which is immediately below the roof of a house____Attic
A person who has been found guilty and is being punished ______ Criminal
A person who does banking business ______________Banker
A mad person ___________________________________Lunatic
A person who is incharge of keys of a prison____Turnkeys
A person in charge of a jail and the prisoners in it____________Jailor
One who is unable to pay his debts _____________Bankrupt
Long hard journey especially on foot ___________Trek
Group of people living together _______________Community
A group of soldiers living in a town or a fort, and defending it _____Garrison
Flesh eating animals _________________________Carnivorous
Flesh and Vegetable eating animals ___________Omnivorous
Plants of a particular region ________________Flora
Government by small groups __________________Oligarchy
A policeman in ordinary clothes while on duty ____Plainclothesman
Storehouse of grains ______________________Granary
Practice of talking too much about oneself _____Egotism
The height of an object above sea level _______Altitude
Storehouse of grains ______________Granary
A person who uses his strength to frighten weaker people_____Bully
A person who flies an aeroplane _____________Pilot
Number of books housed in one building _____ Library
A person who studies Physics _______________Physicist
The act of killing oneself _________________Suicide
A place where meals are sold and bought______Restaurant
A mark remaining on the skin from a wound _________ Scar
Name shared by all the members of the family _______Surname
Making someone angry _________________Provocate
Difficulty in breathing ________________Suffocation
Soldiers who fight on horseback___________ Cavalry
Things given or received as a gift ___________Present
A sudden rush of frightened people or animals _______Stampede
The story of a person’s life written by others________Biography
Special quality not found anywhere else ___________Uniqueness
To make impure by mixing dirty or poisonous matter_Contaminate
A person who writes poems _________________Poet
For more details :
Please do read
Applied English Course- A Hanbook of Spoken and Written English
10th Edition, 17th print, Pub.: Navakarnataka Publications, Bangalore


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