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One of two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same or nearly the same meaning in some or all senses.

Match the following words in the list "A" with their meanings given in the list "B"

_____A ____________B ________ANSWERS

1. Treasure _________a. dress ______1 - h
2. Nice ____________b. useless _____2 - d
3. haunt ___________c. cruel _______3 - j
4. feeble ___________d. pleasant ____4 - o
5. stain ____________e. fine _______5 - m
6. crook____________ f. take no notice of __6 - l
7. attire ____________g. discover ____7 - a
8. pretty ____________h. wealth_____ 8 - e
9. in vain ___________i. deeply religious ___9 - b
10. ignore___________ j. visit a place often _10 - f
11. hamlet ___________k. exact ______11 - n
12. savage ___________l. dishonest ____12 - c
13. detect ___________m. dirty marks __13 - g
14. accurate _________n. a small village __14 - k
15. pious ___________o. weak ________15 - i


ABILITY ______capability, capacity, cleverness
ACTIVE ______busy, brisk, energetic, lively, vigorous
AGREE ______accept, admit, consent, unite, tally
ALL ______whole, entire, total
ANGER ______fury, irritation, rage, wrath
BAD ______corrupt, dishonest, evil, false, imperfect
BATTLE ______conflict, combat, contest, fight
BEAUTIFUL ______elegant, graceful, pretty, handsome
BOUNDARY ______border, limit, edge, verge, frontier
BRAVE ______daring, fearless, bold, courageous
BUSY ______active, deli gent, occupied, industrious
CALM ______mild, pacific, peaceful, cool, quiet
CATCH ______clutch, secure, seize, capture, grasp
CLEAN ______purify, sweep, wipe, wash, cleanse
CLEAR ______plain, definite, evident, explicit
CORRECT ______accurate, exact, precise, right
COSTLY ______expensive, valuable, dear, priceless
CRUDE ______rude, rough, raw, green
DANGER ______peril, risk, hazard
DELIGHT ______pleasure, joy, enjoyment, mirth
DEAD ______defunct, deceased, late, lifeless
DEPART ______leave, retire, go, clear out, withdraw
DIFFERENCE ______unlikeness, dissimilarity, variation
DO ______execute, perform, achieve, carryout
EDUCATION ______learning, culture, study, training, knowledge
EFFICIENT ______effective, potent, active
END ______tip, destruction, finish, conclusion
ENEMY ______rival, foe, opponent, adversary
FAME ______glory, reputation, eminence, honour
FAVOUR ______grace, approval, benefit, regard, boon
FORTUNATE ______lucky, prosperous, successful, happy
FRIENDLY ______cordial, affectionate, devoted, loving
GOOD ______right, worthy, valid, useful, admirable
GRAND ______magnificent, imposing, stately, noble
GRIEF ______sorrow, anguish, woe, regret, distress
HARD ______solid, firm, difficult, arduous, rough
HATE ______dislike, detest, abhor, loathe
HEAVY ______weighty, loaded, afflicting, ponderous
HELP ______assist, aid, champion, promote, improve
HONOURABLE ______esteemed, respected, upright, eminent
IDEAL ______standard, model, pattern, perfect, type
IMMEDIATE ______instantly, now, presently, at once
IRREGULAR ______erratic, fitful abnormal, disorderly
JEALOUS ______envious, suspicious, covetous, apprehensive
LARGE ______big, great, immense, huge, excessive
LIBERATE ______free, discharge, release, detach, rescue
LIKE ______prefer, admire, love relish, fancy
LOVE ______affection, friendship, liking, regard
MAD ______lunatic, insane, crazy, irrational
MIND ______intellect, brain, reason, sense, spirit
MYSTERIOUS ______secret, enigmatic, unknown, occult
NEW ______novel, modern, original, fresh, renovated
OBVIOUS ______clear, evident, plain, open, apparent
OLD ______aged, ancient, venerable, mature
OMIT ______overlook, neglect, ignore, drop, exclude
OPEN ______exposed, unclosed, frank, plain, obvious
OWN ______have, possess, hold, keep, concede
PAIN ______ache, agony, anguish, suffering, pang
PASSIVE ______inactive, idle, inert, receptive
PERFECT ______whole, entire, intact, finish
PITY ______compassion, mercy, sympathy, humanity
PRECISE ______exact, accurate, strict, correct, perfect
PREJUDICE ______bias, partiality, unfairness
PREFER ______choose, select, elect, pick, opt
PURE ______clear, chaste, genuine, innocent
RARE ______scarce, dainty, exquisite, elegant
REDUCE ______decrease, lessen, abate, shorten
REFRESH ______renew, restore, rejuvenate, regain
RELEVANT ______material, pertinent, applicable, allied
REST ______comfort, ease, leisure, peace, repose
SCHOLAR ______learner, pupil, student, disciple
SELECTION ______choice, preference, discrimination
SHOW ______demonstrate, manifest, disclose
SERIOUS ______grave, dangerous, earnest, important
SKILLFUL ______clever, accomplished, adept
SINGLE ______sole, lone, separate, individual
SLOW ______dilatory, leisurely, inert, dull, slack
STRONG ______sturdy, tough, healthy,
SURE ______certain, positive, decisive, assured
TAME ______subdued,, submissive, docile, meek
TEMPORARY ______transient, brief, short, provisional
THICK ______stubby, stocky, dense, turbid
TIE ______fasten, attach, unite, bind, secure
TRUTH ______authenticity, honesty, reality, verity
UTILITY ______benefit, profit, service, avail
VICE ______faulty, frailty, offence, scandal
WARM ______tender, sympathetic, loving, affectionate
WISDOM ______judgement, foresight, learning, reason
WORSHIP ______veneration, homage, respect, adoration
WRONG ______false, misleading, bad
YIELD ______surrender, cede, generate, fore go, resign
ZEAL ______fervour, spirit, enthusiasm, energy, zest

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